Below you will find information on fees related to the competition company, as well as the requirements and payment policies of the competition program. Parents should pay close attention to all due dates. Please keep records of all e-mail communications. As part of a renewed effort to enforce policies, HDC will no longer be able to tolerate late payments. Parents are expected to uphold their financial obligations in monthly good standing. A new accountability policy will be instated to assure delinquent funds are collected on a timely basis.


If you have any questions regarding your account, please email them to and we will provide you with a prompt reply. If you need to set up an appointment to discuss your account, payment plan, or in case of an emergency regarding finances, please email Miss Gail directly at - Prior notice is required as appointments allow for privacy to discuss your account.


Once you register and become an active customer, you will be able to go online at any time and see your statements and class information. Please refer to the Portal Flyer for step-by-step instructions on how to log in. If you have questions or technical issues, please contact Miss Gail, Miss Donna Pureza, or Miss Jennifer Harless at



Updated statements will be available on your jackrabbit account, which you can access at any time. We will no longer be emailing out regular monthly statements. Please allow 24-72 hours for new payments to be reflected on your jackrabbit account.


We accept competition payments in the form of cash, check, money order, Visa, MasterCard, or AMEX. When writing a check, always write in the memo section or include a note that clearly indicates how the payment is to be applied. The check or money order needs to be made payable to Havilah Dance Company.


We are in the process of setting up our online payment system for your convenience! We are going through a trial period at this time. You may now see an option to pay online when you view your Jack Rabbit account, but please do not make any online payments until you receive the GO AHEAD from Miss Gail! She will send an email with details as soon as it is ready! PLEASE NOTE: If you have a balance on your account and another fee is due on a certain date, your payment has to go to the OLDEST amount due first. For example, if you owe tuition and have not paid it, but come in to pay for a competition, that money has to go to tuition FIRST.


Any fee related to your student's dance education & participation in the Company program paid AFTER the due date will be assessed a late fee. NO EXCEPTIONS. However, we will allow a grace period of 5 days (unless otherwise noted). After the period of grace, fees will be assessed and will vary depending upon the specific charge. Please see below for details on late fee assessments:

  1. Costume Fees: 5% of total costume balance will be added to total costume charge for each month a costume payment is late
  2. Tuition: If tuition is not received by the 5th of the month, the $10 discount will not be applied. If payment is received between on the 6th through the 15th you will pay your normal tuition rate. If payment is received after the 15th, a $10 fee will be added to your tuition rate.
  3. Participation & Prop Fees: $25 one-time late fee for any participation/prop fee
  4. Entry Fees: Many competitions assess late-fees for late entries; therefore, we must pass that charge onto our clients. We will be paying all entry fees to competitions between 45-60 days prior to the event in order to guarantee placement in the competitions we have chosen with no late fees. If the entry fees for your dancer have not been received by the date that we register, we will not be able to enter them. If you pay your entry fees after we have registered, we cannot guarantee placement in the competition (particularly for solos), BUT if we are able to register your student at that point you may be assessed a late fee from the competition. This is why we have provided a payment schedule & timeline, so that no matter when we are required to register, we can ensure that your student can be entered & no late fees are assessed.
*AUTODRAFT: If you choose to sign up for our Autodraft program and elect to have ALL charges autodrafted you will not be assessed any late fees for the course of the year! If you choose to only have a portion of your fees autodrafted (for example, just tuition drafted, or just costume fees drafted) then you will only be waived late fees for those charges.

*CREDIT CARDS ON FILE: We highly recommend keeping a credit card on file so that this can help you to avoid late fees. If you choose to keep a credit card on file, then you will receive a phone call BEFORE any late fees are applied to your account. If you choose to approve the necessary payment amount at the time of the phone call then you will NOT be assessed any late fees. Keep in mind, your card will Please do not include your costume or competition fees in with your normal monthly tuition. These need to be paid separately. 16 NOT be charged without prior approval. Keeping a credit card on file would provide you the opportunity for HDC to call you, discuss fees, and allow you to approve the charge. If fees are not approved at the time of the phone call, late fees will be assessed. Keep in mind, if you do not put a credit card on file you will NOT receive a phone call reminder before late fees are assessed.


After a period of grace, account holders that are over 30 days past due will receive a phone call/email to discuss how we can help to get the account current. If the account remains delinquent for an extensive period of time and payment plan agreements are not kept, then the student's membership in our Company may be forfeited. In certain situations, students may not be registered for the competitions for which they have not paid, and they will not receive costumes if their account is past due. If students are more than 2 months behind on tuition, they will not be able to participate in dance class. Parents will receive ample opportunities to remedy the situation and bring their accounts current before HDC is forced to take this course of action. Hardship situations will be decided on a case by case basis. Payment plans can be discussed with Miss Gail or Miss Brooke.


HDC is not able to offer refunds on tuition, costumes, or participation fees. Refunds on entry fees are also very rarely able to be offered, and is up to the discretion of the competition.


If you refer someone to the studio and they sign up for regular classes, a $10 credit will be put on your account. Please ask the person filling out the registration form to put your name on the form OR ask them to indicate that you referred them to the person working the front desk.


Competition group winnings (lines, large and small groups) go back into the studio/booster club for improvements, upgrades, and special events for the studios. For the 2016-2017 season we were able to purchase all of the items to create our student lounge! Each year we will purchase items with our winnings that will directly benefit your students' dance education & overall experience!

Solos, Duet/Trios will receive their full winnings less 15% of the amount which is paid out for taxes. This is a new process as we are being taxed on the full amount (since the winnings are usually paid directly to the studio and then we write your student a check). If the prize is ever in the form of gift cards or credits to entry fees, or if the competition writes the student the check directly, then you will certainly receive the full amount.


Choreography fees are paid directly to the artist. Therefore, we prefer this in cash so we do not have to pay the credit card processing fee. However, if you need to pay with credit card that is totally fine! We will just need to add a 3% processing fee for credit card/debit card use on outside choreography fees (for in-house choreography or other fees it is find to use whatever method of payment you prefer with no additional charge).


If a parent withdraws a child from competition for any reason, that parent is still responsible for the entry fees for the replacement dancer for all affected dances. They will be responsible for fees and all costume payments up to the point of withdraw. Also, if a student must withdraw from the program before the end of the competition season, there will be additional fees incurred. These fees will cover re-choreography of all affected dances.