SAVE THE DATE: Saturday, July 15th

For the 2023-24 dance season, HDC will be holding auditions on July 15th for all aspiring Competition Company Members ages 7-18 (7 year olds with 2+ years of experience & at least one year on an advanced or Company level). Auditions are for HDC's Mini, Petite, Junior, Pre-teen, Teen & Senior (Artistry) Companies

For aspiring Competition Company Members ages 4-7 (7 year olds with <1-2 years of experience), auditions will be held during the "Dance Til You Drop' Intensive July 17-20th. To audition, students must participate in the training intensive. Auditions are for HDC's Teenie & Mini Companies.

Prospective Company members should complete the following in order to be considered for the team:

  • Fill out the Company Intake form. This form will state your intentions to audition for the 2023-24 dance season. Make sure to fill out the form prior to auditioning.
  • Attend Auditions, depending on age:
    • July 15th (ages 7-18)
    • AUDITION FEE: a non-refundable fee of $25.00 for audition classes per student is due on or before July 15th
    • Ages 7-9 | 9:00am-10:45pm
      • 45 mins Stretch & Skills
      • 30 mins Jazz combo
      • 30 mins Tap Combo
    • Ages 10-12 | 11:00am-1:30pm
      • 1 hour Ballet
      • 45 minutes Jazz/Lyrical Combo
      • 45 minutes Hip Hop & Tap
    • Ages 13-15 | 1:45pm-4:15pm
      • 1 hour Ballet
      • 45 minutes Jazz/Lyrical Combo
      • 45 minutes Hip Hop & Tap
    • Ages 16 & up | 4:30pm-7:00pm
      • 1 hour Ballet
      • 45 minutes Jazz/Lyrical Combo
      • 45 minutes Hip Hop & Tap
    • July 17-20th (ages 4-7: 'Dance 'til You Drop' Intensive'
      • Check out 'Summer Camp' page for more information on this intensive, including times & fee.

*NOTE: Audition ages are JUST to split groups and give dancers space. This does NOT indicate the team where your dancer will participate next season. For example, a common question we are asked - "My dancer will be 16 by August, should they dance with the 16 & up?". Our answer would be no because we are simply trying to evenly split the groups for auditions.

    • WEAR: Fitted dance clothes including shorts, leggings, sports bra, tanktop, leotard, etc. *Bring something loose fitting for Hip Hop class (T-shirt, sweat pants etc.)
    • SHOES: jazz/lyrical shoes, tap shoes, tennis shoes,
    • BRING: Bottle water & small snack
  • Students selected for Company will be notified by email by July 31st.
  • Company students who make any of the following groups are required to attend HDC's Summer Intensive August 7th-10th as part of yearly team training & small/large group routine placement:
    • Vision Company II & III: Mini / Petite
    • Create Company: Junior / Preteen
    • Artistry Company: Teen or Senior
    • Apprentice Company I & II
  • 1-3 small groups selections with special guest choreographers will be made at Auditions. If your dancer is selected for these special routines you will receive an invitation by July 31st, along with dates for choreography and participation fee information.

If you cannot attend auditions, or have a schedule conflict please email Brittany@hdcdance.com and COPY staff@dance.com, in order to schedule a private evaluation, or to be added to a list for a semi private group audition, tentatively planned to be held in August.