If your student is interested in joining company, we are asking that you fill out THIS FORM to let us hear your thoughts on your dancer's 2022-23 dance season. Please fill out fully prior to auditions in order to be considered for company and allow our staff to prepare.

A Letter from our Directors to Prospective Company Members:

Dear Parents,

Designing an exciting and creative competition program for your child is very important to Havilah Dance Company. Our goals are to continue to provide excellence in dance training, as well as to establish an environment that encourages teamwork, dedication, discipline, and confidence. We strive to constantly grow our professional and talented instructors as they guide each student on their journey through the world of dance and theatre.

We look to our parents as partners in our program, and your input is valuable and essential to the success of our students. At this time of the year, our staff is involved in planning and preparing for the upcoming season. Our goal is to produce a program where each dancer is offered challenging classes for their unique skill level, which will allow every student to reach their full potential.

Havilah Dance Company's pledge will continue to be excellence in dance training with high moral standards for each student and staff member. We view our studio as a family and feel called to this mission. We commit to providing a program with which you will be proud to be associated. You can trust that your child will receive our very best as we share our love of dance!

We offer the following Competitive Company Team opportunities [based on enrollment each year:

  • HDC Vision Company (includes teams that age average Teenie, Mini and/or Petite at competition)
  • HDC Create Company (includes our age-average Junior team)
  • HDC Artistry Company (includes Artistry levels I & II and are groups that age average Teen & Senior at competition)
  • HDC Apprentice Company (includes a level based approach to training with the main goal of helping to fill gaps in technical execution and performance, and to help dancers grow in their strengths at a pace which focuses on their needs. A dancer could be solely an Apprentice Co. member OR member of one of the other 3 Companies at the same time).

If selected for 2022-2023 HDC Company Team Membership, each dancer will be required to perform in the 'Class Dance(s)' for their level. Class dances are the routines that dancers participate in with the team that they are selected for, and rehearsals occur during weekly class times. These routines and rehearsals are included in the price of tuition and there are no extra choreography fees (unless the piece is being set by an outside choreographer; in those cases there is a small surcharge). Class dances typically include our core disciplines of Jazz, Tap & Hiphop.

For 2022-2023, updated team requirements and fee information will be emailed out with your 'Welcome Letter' on or before July 31st.

Additional Large & Small Group opportunities will be sent out by September. Selections will be made at Auditions/HDC's Summer Intensive. These groups are invite based and will incur additional participation/choreo fees & costume fees per dance. In order to be considered:

  • Please accurately state the total number of additional routines your student can participate in, not including their required class dances, on the 'HDC SPECIALTY ROUTINES' form (to be emailed out by August 5th) and submit by August 8th.
  • Small & Large Group FEES: TBD for 2022-23 season
    -In order to participate in a Small Group(s), a student must first participate in at least one Large Group.
    -Students must meet certain technical requirements
    -Students must remain in good standing, regarding attendance
    -Students must meet weekly class training requirements, such as pacing with weekly classes, not falling behind on class routines, and showing effort and
    commitment to growth each week.
    -If an instance occurs where a student is unable to participate in each invitation- based routine they are selected for, it will be up to the directors to prioritize their placement.

    • A FULL COMPANY team member who age-averages 12 and under (this could be Mini, Petite or Junior teams) – Required class dances are Jazz, Tap & Hip Hop as these styles are part of our core curriculum. Additional large & small group opportunity invitations will be sent out in September. These groups are invite based and will incur additional choreography/costume fees per dance. Students can choose whether to accept the invitation.
    • A FULL COMPANY team member who age-averages 13 & up (Artistry Companies) – dancers are only required to participate in ONE class dance with their main Team (Artistry 1 or 2, but dancers may be offered both). The style will be chosen by the instructor and will be included in tuition. Hiphop & Tap are also included in curriculum + tuition. *New for 2021-22- Hip Hop will be a required training style. Additional large & small group opportunities and invites will be sent out in September. These groups are invite based and will incur additional choreography/costume fees per dance. Students can choose whether to accept the invitation.
    • A PARTIAL COMPANY team member – this is for a dancer who’s technical score did not meet the minimum requirement for the Jazz portion of the team appropriate for their age, but their Tap and/or Hiphop score did. These dancers would not participate in the Jazz/Technical piece.

    A note on COVID-19: We plan to approach the upcoming season with caution, thoughtfulness, and preparation. Although our plans are subject to change based on the pandemic, we believe our current approach is sustainable through this upcoming season. We will keep a watchful eye on any new developments and advice from medical professionals. If the situation requires, we are also prepared to incorporate new ideas and concepts, and virtual alternatives to provide the same level of training through these adjusted means. We ask for flexibility from team member parents as we navigate new territory together with the common goal to create a sense of normalcy, stability and inspiration for our children. 


    Brooke Hardiman & Brittany Vachon


    *'Total number of routines my dancer can participate in’this number is used as a guide when selecting students for extra Large & Small groups; invites for which will be emailed out in September. These extra routines may require choreography and/or a supplemental prop free, and will require costume and entry fee(s). They will also have additional rehearsal time slots usually on the weekends.

    *Please note that in order to participate in a small group, your student must participate in at least ONE of the large groups they have been chosen for.