We like to keep pricing for our recreational classes as simple as possible.  Here is how it works: 

1st Class of:

30 min - $55/month

45 min - $65/month

60 min - $75/month

75 min - $85/month

90 min - $90/month

1 hr. 45 mins - $95/month

2 hrs. - $100/month

*Additional classes - $15/class per month (any class you register for beyond your first class is always just $15!)

DISCOUNTS: As long as you pay by the 5th of the month (or set up an auto-draft payment) you will receive a $10 discount each month on your total tuition.  There is also a discount on tuition for siblings (20% off) and boys (50% off)!  Please call for more info.

*Recital participation fee, and costume fee(s) are additional.  


Precompetition students always take their regular recreational class(es), so the pricing is the same as above.  In addition to their recreational classes, pre-competition students will meet with their competition instructor for a weekly one-hour class.  During this class they will work on their competition routine.  The fee for pre-competition is $35.00 per month.   


Competition students are required to have a minimum of 3-8+ hours in the studio per week, and monthly tuition ranges from $120.00-$230.00 per month.  Pricing is based on the dancers age, level, and how many hours spent per week in the studio.  

*Many parents have asked us why competitive tuition and related costs are more expensive than what applies to our recreational program.  While we try to keep the difference at an absolute minimum, the reason for the slight increase is to help offset studio costs related directly to the competition program (extensive costume design, the higher fees of the instructors teaching the classes, music production, entry submissions, staff travel, etc).  However, there are no extra charges for additional rehearsals scheduled prior to competitions or showcases, and there are no additional choreography fees for required pieces.  

*Additional fees that may apply to comp and pre comp students: 

  • Entry fees to the competitions (calculated based on the number of the students' dances) 
  • Costume(s) 
  • Solos, duets, and trios are calculated separately and are not included in the base weekly hours.  Students may choose/be invited to learn a solo, duet, or trio but these pieces are not mandatory.  Separate choreography and rehearsal fees apply to these routines and private rehearsals are scheduled between the student and choreographer.  
  • A choreography fee may apply to small groups and/or other special group numbers
  • Participation fee (a one-time charge)
  • Prop fee (this only applies if there is a prop being made that is extensive and cannot be covered in the participation fee) 
  • Recital fee


*Current special on registration fee- $35 to register per student, or $50 per family. Discount ends 8/16/2015

All students (competition, pre comp, & recreational) pay a yearly registration fee of $45 per student OR $60 per family.  We often run specials when this fee is discounted or waived, so always ask us!  Recital fees help to cover all of the costs involved in presenting a professional production that all of our students and families can be very proud of!  Recital fees are $125 per student OR $160 per family (if siblings are dancing).  This fee includes: unlimited tickets to the show, recital t-shirt for the student(s), family program, award for the student(s), auditorium rental for dress rehearsal and the show, professional stage props and equipment, and a sound and lighting team who work backstage.


Certain classes allow a student to 'drop-in'  and pay by the class.  Usually these classes are designated on the schedule as open, adult, or continuing education!  The drop-in rate is $20 for a one-hour class and $25 for a 90-minute class.  Students under the age of 18 are only allowed two drop-in classes per month, otherwise we require that they register for the class.  If you are interested in dropping in on a class that is not designated as such, give us a call or email and we will work with you.  Additionally, your first class is always free with DP2!